About me

I have worked in cultural heritage at the UK Government Art Collection (GAC) since 2000 as a photographer, designer and more recently as a podcaster. My role at the GAC also includes website management and collection management system administration. Prior to this I worked as an architectural modelmaker and now use this experience to create highly accurate 3D computer exhibition spaces using Google Sketchup.

I am currently Chair of the Association of Historical and Fine Art Photography (AHFAP), this is the UK’s only organisation for photographers in the cultural heritage field.

My graphic design work has included numerous corporate identity and branding jobs, including e-newsletters, annual reports and event invites.

As a photographer my work includes both studio and location photography of works of art, interior photography and special event photography. I also have considerable experience of archiving film based image collections. More recently I have produced several podcasts and managed their hosting on YouTube and iTunes. I have a leading role in the management and content development of the GAC website and Facebook sites.

I have recently completed a Postgraduate Certificate in Digital Colour Imaging at the London College of Communication (LCC) and this course has given me an in-depth knowledge of colour and digital colour in particular. The four projects I undertook on this course were all linked to cultural heritage photography and subsequently this has enabled me to refine the existing GAC photographic workflow to produce images to more exacting colour consistency.

I have built up a portfolio of personal work for over twenty years, I thoroughly enjoy photography and have exhibited my own work, specialising in ‘street photography’. I am also a member of London Independent Photography (LIP), an active organisation that helps both amateurs and professionals develop their work.

For a current CV please contact me via email: tony@tonyharris.eu